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HUMAN Digital Lifestyle was founded by Patrick Chattelin as a result of an unsatisfying career in the traditional economy to an online entrepreneur.

Mission Statement; helping (aspiring) entrepreneurs leverage their values to create an online business they are truly passionate about!

We do this by providing high-quality, digital marketing, online business education and mentorship.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Thanks to the Internet, we can connect with each other all over the world. With our modern technology and smart devices, borders are falling away and we all have the opportunity to develop our digital skills and grow together.

Digital Economy Recession Proof

In October and November 2019,  executives worldwide seemed to state that should a recession occur in 2020, investments in digital transformation would either increase or remain the same – with very few saying that would decrease — this according to research from Business Insider Intelligence (BII).

(Billion USD) Est. Global Sales E-Commerce 2023

(Billion USD) Est. Market Value Online Learning 2026

Meet the founder

Hi there, My name is Patrick and I’m a “HUMAN” who lives with you at the same time on this beautiful planet called Earth.

Today I live in Elst, a small town in the Netherlands together with my two amazing daughters Milou and Esmée.

My passions in life are spending time with my loved ones, self-realization, learning, teaching, traveling, sports and last but not least, inspiring and mentoring people to build their online business from scratch, so that they create the business and lifestyle that they desire.

Featured Training Programs

Starting an online business is not the same for everyone. Choose the training program that best meets your needs.

A Leader In The Industry

Our creative team and companies have over 2 decades of experience and have mentored students across all corners of the globe.

Our core belief is to deliver value to others in an ethical and respectful way so that we can grow together.

We believe that a true leader does not create more followers, but instead creates new leaders.

    Creative Team

    Being a digital entrepreneur doesn’t mean that you only work by yourself. Collaboration with like-minded people is essential for sustainability and growth.

    Patrick Chattelin

    Patrick Chattelin

    Founder of HUMAN Digital Lifestyle | Co-Founder of

    Patrick Van Diemen

    Patrick Van Diemen

    Founder of | Co-Founder of

    John Thwaites

    John Thwaites

    Founder of | Mentor at

    Satisfied Customers

    “Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the weekly webinars your team has organized. I want to let you know that the authenticity of your message really shines every week!”

    Maurizia Moltoni

    “Thank you, Patrick, for your gift and for your care! It really means a lot to me and I really believe you do not do this just for money, but also for your care about your customers and people in general.. Thank you again!”

    Pauline Emeraude

    “Hey Patrick,
    First of all, let me start with this one phrase:

    “You’re Awesome”

    Secondly and more seriously, I just wanted to say that I always enjoy our mastermind calls.

    Whether it’s about mental health or business, you always give me something new to think about.

    I often tend to have too many ideas and talking to you always helps me to figure out where I’m going, so thank you.

    Thanks for being you 🙂

    Anthony AKA Superquoteman”

    Anthony Church

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