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Imagine how you would feel if your boss gave you an increase that would double your income and you would also have to be present for half of your current working hours. Would not that be great!

Yes, of course, that would feel great! But how long do you hold that feeling?
Because what would happen after 6 months from that day?

What is likely to happen is the following. You are used to the new salary and you are also used to working fewer hours. You will, therefore, feel less euphoric about the money and the free time.

But do not blame yourself now, because this phenomenon is quite normal.
Every living creature always wants to grow and expand itself, that is just in nature.

The only way to escape it is that there are no restrictions.
The pursuit of financial freedom is a natural drive.
And the only way to achieve that goal is that you need a kind of system.

It does not mean that you have to own everything right now, because life is already beautiful at this moment and be grateful for what you have now.

 But if you have found a system that can lead you to financial freedom. That just gives a soothing feeling.
And with that soothing feeling, you can enjoy yourself more easily and you live life as it should be.

Enjoy life and inspire others to do the same!

Patrick Chattelin