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No matter how good your product or service may be; if nobody knows it exists; one thing is certain: you don’t sell anything.

Marketing and sales have always been the key to becoming and staying a successful business.

Major brands such as Nike and Coca Cola sell products that cannot be called unique.

You can buy shoes, clothing and sweet drinks from all kinds of brands and you are convinced that there are actually much better alternatives that are also cheaper and better for society.


But WHY do these big brands sell more and more year after year ?!

The reason WHY is very simple!

They know how people think or they understand the principles of MARKETING!

So if you want to start a business and you want to sell products or services and you are convinced that it is valuable, then I strongly recommend that you master the skills of digital marketing.

And the best times in this time are that you don’t have to be a big whale like the big brands mentioned above.


What is the average screening time of your target group? Check your own smartphone and check your own screen time. Impressive, isn’t it? Every time your potential customer looks at a screen, you as an entrepreneur have the opportunity to present your product or service.

And the great thing about digital marketing is that you can determine to whom you show your product or service.

Imagine you are selling baby clothes and you have a store in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City. With the current techniques of Google and Facebook, you can approach your target group so closely that only parents with a certain age in a specific neighborhood get to see your advertisement, so in this way only your ideal customers get to see your products and services and with that the chance of success of a smooth running campaign and thus a successful company has grown enormously!